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Heworth Primary School, York

“The workshop was a bespoke session, tailored exactly to our curriculum needs"
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Primary School Facilitator - Gemma McDonald


"I am passionate about the arts and their potential to help change people's lives.  

 I have over 20 years experience as a drama teacher, including leadership and pastoral roles, along with running my own theatre company for 5-16 year olds.

I enjoy watching the progression of young people and using drama as a tool to support the wider curriculum and develop important skills needed for everyday life"


Subject Information



  • Understanding the world


  • Events beyond living memory

  • Significant individuals from History

  • Local History


  • Changes in Britain

  • British History

  • The Roman Empire

  • Anglo Saxons

  • Vikings

  • Local History

  • Ancient Greece

  • Ancient Egypt

  • Mayan civilization

Art and Design

Art and Design could be incorporated into other workshops for example; History and the making of historical artefacts. 

This could be in the form of:

  • Designing and making products/props

  • Using their imagination to develop their ideas for the workshop

Additional costs for resources would be added to the quote, depending on the schools request.


  • Physical Health

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Growing and changing

  • Personal Safety

  • Bullying

  • Media and Digital Literacy

  • Healthy and Unhealthy relationships


Geography would be embedded throughout the workshops and can be incorporated in a tailored way for each school.  We could include:

  • Location knowledge

  • Place knowledge

  • Human and Physical Geography

This would be discussed with the school in advance


We would use music in all our workshops and we link to the National Curriculum by:

  • listening to and performing music across a range of historical periods

  • Create and compose music for performance

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